Back in Bodmin Red!

Since the new year the band have felt extremely proud to be back to concerts in our natural colour! As some may know, our band room was the victim of an arson attack, and along with music and instruments, the famous Bodmin Town Band red jackets were destroyed, with only a few remaining to this day. 

Since January 2018 we have been proudly showing of our new uniforms, with their first outing, in our first appearance in the first section of the Areas contest in a very long time!  We would like to thank Centre Stage Uniforms for providing us with a great service, that allowed us to match our old Bodmin uniforms that were sadly lost in our band room fire

Centre stage also made a new batch of ties to match our existing ones when we wear our walking out uniform. They provided fantastic customer service and a superb end product. Bodmin Town Band ties will be available to purchase. Please speak to any Band member or a member of staff at the Band Club.