Musical Director

Colin Hudson – Musical Director

Whilst Simon is away working in Portsmouth we are being taken care of by Colin Hudson, former Royal Marines Band Service.

​Profile to come…

Simon Badge – Musical Director

Simon joined the Royal Marines Band Service in September 2005 where he was taught Tuba, Double Bass and Bass Guitar. Culminating in a Diploma in Tuba Performance he was then drafted to CTCRM Band in Lympstone in 2008. 

In October 2011 Simon was tasked alongside 3 Commando Brigade, Medical Squadron, for Operation Herrick 14 in Afghanistan. Promoted to Lance Corporal he fulfilled his role as Mastiff Commander, routinely transiting across Helmand province on Combat Logistic Patrols.

Upon returning to the UK Simon successfully completed his Bachelor of Music Degree in conjunction with the University of Plymouth which saw a promotion to Corporal soon after. On completion of his Junior Command Course he was awarded the course prize for ‘Best Coursemanship’ for assisting his fellow course candidates.

In 2018 Simon applied to be enrolled on the Master of Music Degree in Professional Conducting Studies. During the two year course he studied the development of the wind band repertoire in the 20th and 21st centuries, graduating from the University of Plymouth with Distinction in the summer of 2020. 

More recently Simon was promoted to Sergeant and drafted to Higher Training in September 2020 where he came top of the Musician First Class Course, achieving a Distinguished Star Pass.

In April 2021 he was selected to attend the Bandmasters Course in Portsmouth which required a year of intensive studies in musical history, harmony, aural, composition and conducting. During this time he achieved a distinction in the LRSM Conducting diploma and went on to finish top of the BMs course also with distinction. At the end of the BMs course he was awarded the Silver Medal from the Worshipful Company of Musicians in London.     

He is now excited to have returned home to Cornwall and get involved with music making in his local community. He lives in Stenalees with his partner Kate and their two cats Margaret and Bernard (they didn’t get to pick the names!).